WUWNET '15- Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Underwater Networks & Systems

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SESSION: Best Experimental Student Paper in Memory of Giovanni Toso

Design and Implementation of Super-TDMA: A MAC Protocol Exploiting Large Propagation Delays for Underwater Acoustic Networks

SESSION: Underwater Wireless Communications

A Reinforcement Learning-based Data-Link Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Communications

Variational Bayesian Channel Tracking in High-speed Underwater Acoustic Communication

Simulation and Evaluation of an Optical Channel Model for Underwater Communication

AMMCA: Acoustic Massive MIMO with Carrier Aggregation to Boost the Underwater Communication Data Rate

Minimum Symbol-Error Rate Equalization Based Turbo Receiver for Underwater Acoustic Communications

Transmit Antenna and Relay Selections for Underwater MIMO-OFDM Cooperative Wireless Networks

Evaluation of Channel Estimation Algorithms in OFDM Underwater Acoustic Communications

SESSION: Best Paper Session

FRFT-based Parameter Estimation of Time-varying Wideband Underwater Acoustic Multipath Channels

An Introduction to Zhejiang University - Zhairuoshan Experimental Research Observatory and Retrieved Data Analysis

SEANet: A Software-Defined Acoustic Networking Framework for Reconfigurable Underwater Networking

uwMIMO-HARQ: Hybrid ARQ for Reliable Underwater Acoustic MIMO Communications

SESSION: Underwater Systems, Experiments, & Communication

A Compact Acoustic Communication Module for Remote Control Underwater

WaterCom: A Multilevel, Multipurpose Underwater Communications Test Platform

A Cross-Layer Design for Data-Centric Storage in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks

Evaluation of Underwater IEEE 802.11 Networks at VHF and UHF Frequency Bands using Software Defined Radios

Turbo Equalization Based on Single Carrier QPSK Modulation for Underwater Acoustic Channel

Aqua-Sim Next Generation: A NS-3 Based Simulator for Underwater Sensor Networks

Weighted Average Based Link Quality Calculation Method for Directional Flooding Based Routing

SESSION: Standardization, Security and Coding

Establishing A Standard For Underwater Digital Acoustic Communications and Networks

An Experimental Study of Jamming Attacks in Underwater Acoustic Communication

Packet Coding with Joint Power and Rate Control for Underwater Broadcast Networks

SESSION: Link-Layer Protocols, MAC, and Network Theory

Throughput Improvement in Two Dimensional Underwater Acoustic Networks by Interference Alignment

A Modified CSMA/CA Protocol for OFDM Underwater Networks: Cross Layer Design

Multipoint Transmission Scheduling in an Underwater Distributed Antenna System

On-demand Pipelined MAC for Multi-hop Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks

A Reference Model for MAC Protocols in Underwater Acoustic Networks

IEEE 802.11 Rate Adaptation Algorithms in Underwater Environment

Statistical QoS-Driven Power Adaptation Over MIMO-GFDM Based Underwater Wireless Networks

Throughput Analysis of One-Hop-Relay Random Underwater Network with Mobile Nodes

SESSION: Underwater Vehicles and Applications

Scaling the Annotation of Subtidal Marine Habitats

Simulation of a Multimodal Wireless Remote Control System for Underwater Vehicles

Path Planning for a Bistatic Sonar Receiver on an Autonomous Undersea Vehicle Tracking Multiple Targets

Localization of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Incorporating Flow Models and Acoustic Detection

Analysis and Design of Radio Communication Systems for Surfaced Sensor Networks

Adaptive Attitude Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Using Back-stepping

SESSION: Routing, System and Experiments

R-CARP: A Reputation Based Channel Aware Routing Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks

Low-power System Design for Underwater Acoustic Modems

Experimental Comparison Between Under-Ice and Open-Water Acoustic Channels

SESSION: Localization, Storage, and Systems

An Architecture for Cooperative Localization in Underwater Acoustic Networks

Underwater Node Localization Using Modified Hough Transform and Least Square Method

Autonomous Vehicles Localization in Multi-Hop Mobile Underwater Wireless Networks

Joint Time Synchronization and Localization for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks

Energy-efficient Data Aggregation Scheme for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks

A Named-Data Networking Approach to Underwater Monitoring Systems