Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce that WUWNet 2022 will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The dates for the conference are November 14-16, 2022. Boston is a research hub and home to world-class universities and teaching hospitals. It boasts beautiful architecture, pedestrian-friendly zones and many historical sites, including a place where in 1876 Alexander Graham Bell uttered the famous words

“Mr. Watson, come here.”

The conference aims to bring together leading contributors from academia and industry working in diverse areas of underwater systems engineering. The general theme this year is Networking the Blue Economy.

At this time, we invite contributions within a broad range of topics relevant to underwater systems, ranging from sensing, communication and networking to system integration. Specific topics include, but are not limited to

  • Underwater network architectures and protocols (all layers)
  • Underwater communications and signal processing (acoustic and non-acoustic)
  • Underwater signal propagation modeling
  • Underwater localization and tracking
  • Cooperative and distributed learning and signal processing
  • Community data exchange and public datasets
  • Underwater software-defined modems and software-defined networking
  • Underwater robotic systems
  • Energy-efficient hardware implementations and energy harvesting
  • Operating systems and middleware support for underwater systems
  • Applications of underwater networks including coordinated underwater vehicles, aquaculture, environmental sensing, infrastructure monitoring
  • Modeling, simulation, testbeds, and standardization for underwater systems
  • Experimental deployments and field trials
  • Integration of underwater networked systems with terrestrial and aerial systems

Please feel free to share this announcement with your colleagues and students. We look forward to seeing you in Boston,

Milica Stojanovic and Tommaso Melodia

General Chairs