Posters and Demos

List of demos

Underwater communication using Proteus II underwater nodes
Wouter Van Kleunen; Niels Moseley; Nirvana Meratnia; Paul Havinga
SUNRISE project: The Internet of Underwater Things
Daniele Spaccini; Roberto Petroccia; Chiara Petrioli; Ricardo Martins; João Borges de Sousa; Renato Caldas; Tommaso Arzilli; Davide Lamanna; Alessandro Galizia; Enrico Renzi
SeaModem & SUNSET: a novel and innovative underwater networked communication solution
Gianni Cario; Marco Lupia; Gianfranco Gagliardi; Alessandro Casavola; Roberto Petroccia; Petrika Gjanci; Chiara Petrioli

List of posters

ARION System for coastal dolphin conservation: a tool for real time dolphin passive acoustic monitoring in the Portofino MPA
Alessandra Casale
Very low underwater background noise test bed
Salvatore Mauro
Underwater Electromagnetic Communications Using Conduction: Simulation and Experiment
Arsen Zoksimovski; Milica Stojanovic; Daniel Sexton; Carey Rappaport
Performance Evaluation of Underwater Code Division Multiple Access Transceiver in Lake Experiment
Bo-Min Seo; Ho-Shin Cho
Step-wised MAC scheduling scheme based on traffic load awareness for USN
Soo Young Shin; Soo Hyun Park; Chang-Wha Kim
Underwater robot navigation and localization through communication and ranging from a network of acoustic modems
Andrea Caiti; F. Di Corato; D. Fenucci; B. Allotta; R. Costanzi; N. Monni; L. Pugi; A. Ridolfi
Preliminary Tests Toward High Speed Underwater Optical Communication
G. Cossu; R. Corsini; A. M. Khalid; E. Ciaramella; Andrea Caiti; S. Grechi